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At Amscot, we take our part in protecting the environment seriously. From recycling materials to making earth-friendly choices, we’re out to set an example of what a company can do in its everyday operations to be Green.  See? Yellow and Blue aren’t our only company colors.

Here are a few interesting Fast Facts:

  1. Amscot recycles fluorescent light bulbs to keep harmful mercury contamination out of inappropriate waste disposal streams (particularly incineration). Last year, 14,789 linear feet (or 2.8 miles) in old fluorescent light bulbs were sent to Envirolight for recycling.
  2. More than 15 tons of shredded paper is recycled annually.
  3. Worn-out carpet is shipped back to the manufacturer for recycling.
  4. Amscot purchases over $500,000 in office supplies made from recycled materials annually.
  5. In 2011 - 67,867 pounds (33.9 tons) of paper were sent out for recycling.
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